Application of Virtual Showroom in Various Industries [Examples Included]

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Any industry that adopts the concept of Virtual showroom can be a game-changer for their business.  

Virtual 3D Showrooms empowers customers to make quicker choices without having to go to a physical showroom.

If you wish to provide superior digital experiences for your customers and be seen as a forward-thinking brand, and want your product to be full-fledged and interactive on the web, then virtual showroom is the best option for you. 

Here are different industries which can benefit from virtual showroom


Engineering products need to be purchased with an all-round survey of the parts and products, hence people often find it unsafe to purchase online.

However with the virtual showroom you can give your customers Virtual online tours, where they can not only explore but also get to see the products and examine the products as they want. 

Virtual showrooms offer a 3D Immersive experience that helps you showcase the products along with their features and details.

VirtuLab allows you to customize your details as per choice, you can use this customization option to make your showroom further attractive and convey the perfect details of your products on display.

You can add features like live chat, appointment scheduler, and emails to your displayed products that encourage the buyers to interact with your sales team and clear out any doubt.


Textile and Garments

Design sensitive industries like textile and garments companies can benefit immensely from the virtual showroom. The showrooms are the perfect platform to display the collection interestingly and attractively.

You can also provide technical information, mood boards, color variant, along with your products to improve the buyer’s engagement and also the preference for your product. Other features like wishlist and add to inquiry bag attracts more buyers towards the products.

Virtulab helps you incorporate your customize video to your showroom in which you can add a video recorded by one of your sales teammates or even by you. This will help in greeting visitors to your shop and give them more real-life experiences.


Jewelry, Handicrafts, and Home Decor

Industries that are evaluated on the “visual appeal” needs to have an attractive virtual showroom that perfectly expresses the beauty of the product.

The jewellery industry is a fast-growing industry which is adapting to all new technologies and providing their customers with an all-new outlook.

The virtual jewellery showroom will provide a real-life showroom experience to all the potential customers. Once the customers are in the showroom, they will be greeted by a virtual host with a pre-recorded and customized welcome message.

In the world of technology with Virtual Showroom, anyone who has a smartphone is your potential client. Also, it doesn’t matter which language your client speaks as the majority of information in the virtual showroom is a visual representation.  

The Virtulab allows you to customize the setting and augments the beauty of your products, this helps you attract more audience to your showroom.

It helps you present your products in a more appealing manner that attracts more visitors to your showroom. The Inbuilt features to “shortlist” or “add to inquiry bag” also replicates the order book function.



Consumer Goods

Consumer goods include products of beauty, sports, and range up to electronics. The virtual showroom is a unique concept that will elevate your e-commerce to a better level.

If we talk about brand promotion, it will help you in promoting your brand in a better and easier way, it is attractive to the online buyers as it provides a real-life experience to them.

It also helps brands get lot of social media attention, which will help in increased brand awarness,

You can easily share the link to your showroom and invite your visitors.



ICT and IOT services

The IoT services and products need a highly enhanced environment to display in any showrooms. Virtual showrooms are the perfect platform to provide explanations to all the concepts easily using videos, ppts, and live chat features. 

In case of confusion, your visitors can easily initiate a conversation using features like live chat, emails, appointment scheduler, and call back. 



A virtual showroom is a unique way to display your product and attract visitors. Industries can benefit from using it them as it  provides a pivot to the next level for the brands.  

The features  like 3D product models, Visitor analytics,  live chat, PowerPoint presentation, wishlist, and more allows an easy shopping for all the visitors. 


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Unique Features of Virtual Showroom – #4 Will Amaze You!

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A virtual showroom is an immersive and unique idea for presenting your products to the visitors.

Along with this, there are a lot of things that a virtual showroom has to offer you.

Thanks to the unlimited virtual environment, business owners can expand the showroom both in space as well as the number of products.

Lets see in detail what other features virtual showroom has to offer

1. Multimedia content

With virtual showrooms, you can provide details of the product with the help of multimedia contents like PDF, images, catalogs, and videos that help in describing the product to the visitor. 

2. 3D replicas

The virtual showroom displays 3D replicas of your product in a 360-degree view. This provides a physical showroom experience to your visitors. Customers can also zoom in and out to get a feel of the product features in detail. 

3. Virtual presenter

The visitors of the virtual showroom can be greeted using a virtual presenter, the video can be prerecorded and customized according to needs. Virtual presenters can also be used to provide explanations for products. This makes the showroom more interactive.

4. Visitors analytics

Google Analytics will track the customer’s behavioral and demographic data. This will help businesses gain insights on the most viewed product, time spent on each product, understand the driving traffic to the website, and much more. With all these insights you can easily take actionable decisions that are bound to make a difference in the bottom line of your business.

5. Embed on websites

The virtual showroom can embed on websites, which makes it simple and cost-effective to use. No need for any application installation, all your customer needs is a device with internet access.

6. Wishlist

Unlike offline showrooms, a virtual showroom provides an option to wishlist products that your customer wish to purchase later. This feature helps customer visit virtual showroom at a later point and buy the shortlisted products.

7. 100% customizable

 You can customize your virtual showroom as per your wish. We can deliver your customized virtual showroom in 6-8 weeks

How To Get A Fabulous Virtual Showroom for Jewelry Store

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has drastically changed from working at the office to working from home, visiting stores to online purchases. It has become a virtual era- a New normal. People do most of the things over the internet or virtually.

However, any pandemic won’t stop people from celebrating festivals to buying Jewelry.

For example, entertainment at the festival grounds has become virtual live sessions on Facebook and Instagram & purchasing Jewelry online is not an exception anymore.

Many shoppers want to visit stores and discover new things. When in a store, walking around viewing the jewelry displayed enables customers to learn about new products in the market.

The experience shoppers get from physical stores cannot be replicated in online jewelry websites.

To close this gap, VirtuLab has developed, unlike anything before, a unique 3D concept showroom that brings physical store experience via the internet through virtual showrooms.

To close this gap, VirtuLab has developed, unlike anything before, a unique 3D concept showroom that brings physical store experience via the internet through virtual showrooms.

Advantages of Virtual Jewelry Showroom

The jewelry stores are one of the most time spent or visited stores.

The jewelry industry is a thriving industry that adapts to all new technologies and provides its customers with an all-new outlook.

This Virtual jewelry showroom allows jewelry store owners to present a real-life showroom experience in the hands of every internet user.

The VirtuLab solutions are browser-based & do not require installation of any apps or additional software.

They are supported on all devices & used on laptops, PCs, tablets & mobile phones.

This makes it extremely visitor-friendly as one can enter the virtual space at their ease of time & location.

They create a fantastic user experience for buyers to access all options displayed on windows, podiums & catalogs – simulating the real world showroom experience.

While Virtual showroom is just the beginning of a new platform, it aims to develop immersive and emotional engagements with buyers and clients.

The order-taking process is highly streamlined to emphasize that exchanges will now occur in a non-physical space.

How Virtual Jewelry Showroom Can Benefit Jewelry Strore

A 3D virtual jewelry showroom’s experience starts with a greeting from a life-like host at the entrance of the virtual showroom.

Upon greeting, customers can explore all options displayed on windows, podiums, catalogs, and different jewelry stores sections.

Every piece of Jewelry is rendered in 360-degree displays and completed by detailed 2D close-ups with product descriptions.

Additionally, Augmented reality is implemented to see how it looks when worn any jewelry. This gives immense pleasure to try out as many as possible before deciding on or buying the Jewelry.

All the Jewelry will be provided with a pop-up, including all the necessary information such as product description, price, etc.

Virtual jewelry showroom also helps answer the customers’ repetitive questions with the ease of touch of a button.

For ease of interaction with the sales team, customers will have an option to add a one-click chat and call option.

They can also connect with the sales team through multiple options like chat, video call, or WhatsApp from inside the virtual showroom.

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12 Benefits of Virtual Showroom and Why Your Business Needs One

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The world has reached a point where everyone is finding unique ways to showcase their work to promote their business. 

Virtual showrooms can bring your customers closer by means of basic personal devices such as mobile, tablets etc. This can solve the complication of publicizing your product without even opening a real showroom or store. 

For every business, the two most important factors are time and money and Virtual showrooms will help save both.

Technically speaking every product that was showcased earlier through showrooms and exhibitions can be created and displayed using virtual showrooms. 

Let us deep dive into their benefits of 3D Virtual Showrooms that can impact the business positively:

Benefits of virtual showroom

1. Saves Time

Virtual showrooms can empower your customers to make faster purchasing decisions without them having to visit a store or virtual exhibitions physically.

It will not just make it simpler but also convenient as virtual showrooms can be accessed through personal devices.

Your customers can be located in any part of the world and access virtual showrooms at their fingertips 24/7 throughout the year.

It’s a boon in disguise in the time of pandemic for customers as well as businesses.

2. Cost-Effective Solution

For business: The virtual showroom can be developed with minimal cost when compared to traditional showrooms which require additional manpower and resources.  

Virtual Showrooms are a one-time investment. Since it’s virtual, the maintenance will also be limited but there are no limitations on the number of products that a business can showcase online.

For users: As one can access the virtual showroom from anywhere in the world, there is no cost of traveling and other expenses associated with it.

3. Unique

Virtual showrooms can provide your business with a competitive edge as it will make your business stand out from the crowd. 

It is bound to add a “WOW” factor among your customers with its uniqueness and ease of usage. 

Every business has to pull out something that the majority have not tried yet and the current situation is one big opportunity to try something out of the box. 

In the present world of uncertainty setting up a virtual showroom for your business would be the safest option to progress. 

4.  Ease of accessibility

Electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or PC can be used to navigate around the virtual showroom. They can even visit virtual Help desks and communicate to the sales team using Chat support that is integrated within the virtual showroom. 

5. Provides a Realistic Experience

The virtual showroom provides a lifelike experience to your customers, they can move around the virtual showroom as if they are walking inside a real showroom, view their products in 360, zoom in and out to get a feel of the product features in detail. 

In addition, they can even access the PDFs and videos if required for more in-depth information on the displayed products.

Virtual showrooms will also provide an option to communicate with the virtual sales assistant for help.

6. Timely Responsiveness

At any point in time, the customers can chat, call, or email the customer support team for any sales or product related queries for ease of communication and immediate responsiveness. There is an option to integrate Whatsapp as well.

7. No Technical Skills Needed

The virtual showroom development will be completely taken care by our team at VirtuLab hence brand owners need not possess any technical skills.

Your team needs to provide us with photos, videos, and other content related details of your products as per requirement.

Our team at VirtuLab will put everything together and design a stunning virtual showroom in a matter of 4-8 weeks. 

Here’s a sample of 3d-interactive online showroom

8. Visitors analytics

Virtual exhibitions benefit also extend to robust data capturing & visitor behavior insights using Google Analytics. You can get information about every visitor to your booth.

Just tap into the analytics dashboard and know the demographics of your audience, where they spent most of the time, how long were they on your stand & more. Yes, this all is possible!

With all these insights you can easily take actionable decisions that are bound to make a difference in the bottom line of your business.

9. Longer lifespan

The virtual Trade show, showroom, and exhibition have a longer lifespan.

They can live for longer days which helps you directly in bringing as much as leads as possible across the year.

This results in a higher engagement rate resulting in more brand visibility converting to business opportunities. Think of the added virtual exhibition benefits as a 365 x 24 x 7 campaign!

10. Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

A bounce rate represents the number of visitors who leave a website after seeing just one page.

Users visiting virtual showrooms will spend more time interacting with the engaging content, thereby increasing the time spent on-site and reduces bounce rate.

This helps in ranking your website above your competitors on search engine result page.

11. Available on multiple devices

Virtual showrooms can be accessed on mobile, tablet, and laptop/PC. This opens up a wide range of opportunities for a brand to showcase its products on various devices.

The major benefit of a virtual showroom is it can be accessed by mobile and there are currently 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide (Statista, 2019).

12. Early mover advantage

There was a time when all businesses didn’t have websites.

Similarly, today most businesses don’t have virtual display space. A digital showroom will help you stand out from competitors for your innovative thinking & approach.

Being an early adaptor of an upcoming marketing trend surely also rubs off well on your brand. This can go a long way in building brand image & credibility among your customers, peers & associates.

Virtual showroom will definitely bring out the best out of your brand and products. It will not just ease the marketing process but it will also make the business much more convenient to handle.

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In conclusion, Virtual showrooms will enhance your business in a futuristic manner and help you reach your potential customers in a matter of seconds.

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The Complete Guide to Virtual Showroom

Table of Contents

What is Virtual Showroom?

Virtual Showrooms are digitally created 360° environments with a similar look and feel as well as functions of a physical showroom.

In a virtual showroom, visitors can browse through the products which are displayed via images or 3D replica models, access multimedia information at a single click, and connect live with the sales team.

You can use any internet-enabled device like a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile and browse through them. It is an interactive platform that can display products, communicate with customers, and grow your business.

The virtual showroom is a one-stop solution for business owners who wish to take their online presence to the next level as well as to begin their online presence afresh.

Why does your business need a virtual showroom?

In the rat race of business empowerment, every business owner has been on the verge of bringing out their best products and services throughout the year.

A virtual showroom brings a unique way of showcasing your products to your visitors along with giving details about them.

The enthusiasm and the confidence you carried on your sleeves every day with new business plans or products are on hold as customers are reluctant to reach your stores or showrooms. Also as a business owner, you won’t be able to visit exhibitions to display your new product line like pre-pandemic days.

The pandemic has  changed the way people interact with business and also their buying decisions, most customers are now comfortable with online/virtual interactions.

But, people are not very confident to buy them online as the 2D environment may not assure them in decision making as the overall experience would be limited.

In the current situation, there are multiple businesses where few have their existence online whereas few manufacturing and machine industries still depend on wide setup exhibitions and showrooms which may or may not have a web store or e-commerce facility where they can sell their products or services.

On the edge of this situation as a business owner, How do you

  • Manage the crisis
  • Bring back your business?
  • Reach targets all over again?

Also, there are a majority of customers who still feel shopping is incomplete without real touch and feel. When comparing physical stores with e-commerce websites the visual presence is extensively limited. This brings out a huge gap between your business and the customer.

So, what’s the solution?

We, at VirtuLab, decided to solve this problem in the market and bridge the gap between the businesses and the customers effectively, hence we have come up with a solution of building a Virtual Showroom for your business.


How Does Immersive 3d Virtual Showroom Work for A Brand?

Virtual showroom can work like magic with customers for establishing your brand’s presence online as you can display your products with a 360 degree view. It accurately works as a great tool to display your products virtually in an interactive and engaging manner.

All you have to do is share the link of your virtual showroom to your customers and they can view all the products in a 360° environment at their fingertips. It will ultimately turn into a great asset for the marketing and sales team.

In short it just brings out the best out of your brand impressively as it provides below privileges:

  • Provides a whole new experience to your customers.
  • Let’s you plan and customize the space inside the virtual showroom to have a look and feel of your brand as in a real showroom.
  • Give customers more than what they expected.
  • As your customer interacts inside the virtual showroom, you can gather and analyze the data and optimize for performance.

Altogether virtual showroom helps every business to stand out from competitors and offers customers something new worth noticing. In the era of technology every brand needs to be creative, and Virtual showroom is one such route to uniqueness.

What Can Customer Do In Virtual Showroom?

Similar, to the real-life experience of brands and their visits, visitors could easily visit different counters of the showroom, by simply clicking the objects in the showroom.

The virtual showroom provides the visitors with detailed information about the product displayed in 360° view. Customers can access more details in the form of PowerPoint presentations, pdfs, and a lot more, which are customized by the business owners.

Further, visitors enjoy other features in the virtual showrooms like wishlist, appointment scheduler, and live chats. They can also initiate a conversation with the company and sales team.

Virtual showroom have made virtual experience similar to that of real life, where they can enjoy shopping from their respective places without any application download.


Unique Features of Virtual Showroom

Various features make the virtual showroom a unique and innovative way of increasing sales in the present pandemic, taking care of all the precautions for every visitor.

The virtual showroom has introduced a new way of displaying products with a complete description along with them. 

Various features like multimedia content and live chats have added ease to the visitors and made their experience similar to real life, where they can enjoy shopping from their respective places without any application download. 

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How can virtual showroom benefit your business?

Every stream of business comes with varied issues. But for any business, the two most vital factors are time and money. Virtual showrooms can facilitate to save both of them. 

Virtual showroom helps you provide your customers a unique and immersive experience, and also aid in purchasing the product from their internet enabled devices, this save them from the risk of travelling during the current pandemic. 

In case, your speculative however Virtual showroom will truly profit a business let’s scrutinize it in detail.

Industries that can benefit from Virtual Online Showroom

Virtual showroom goes equally beneficial for B2B and B2C segments, in case we talk of B2C segments, it covers industries like jewelry, consumer goods, and garments. 

The B2B segments include the engineering products industries and the IOT products. 

The virtual showroom has brought in an entirely new idea to the business owners to get their business to the next level. 

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Future of Virtual showroom

In this internet era, it’s far vital for you to maintain the spotlight of your brand, at any place  – be it in your social media platforms, electronic mail campaigns, or embedding products on your website as a virtual asset. By going the digital way, your commercial enterprise is certain to attain a bigger audience.

Here is the prediction by Goldman Sachs for VR/AR software assumptions by use case by 2025.

Given this attribute of ease of use and the multiple use cases across VR/AR, we see the potential for the technology to emerge from vertical specific use cases to a broader computing platform. – Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs report on VR and AR application by 2025

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