10 Ways To Attract More Customers With A Virtual Showroom

With businesses, big & small, the competition to stay relevant and the struggle to stay true to your roots as a business is very real.

Innovation is the key to success. It always has been if you think about it.

High competition means options. Options that your current customers have over you if you are not bringing out your A-game every day.

It doesn’t matter if you are a B2B or B2C, there is no denying the fact that your customers want the very best.

Virtual showrooms are innovative, eye-catching, and provide a lifelike experience to your customers

What’s more, is that you can promote your products using virtual showrooms in the offline and online world.

With that being said, let’s dive into the things that you can do as a business to bring your brand into the spotlight using virtual showrooms.

1. Promote Your Brand Using Social Media

Your marketing campaign needs an X-factor: a strong social media presence.

Your followers on social media are your potential buyers, and their perceptions of your brand have a significant impact on their purchasing choices.

Your virtual showrooms can be shared on social media. This ensures that you reach the right audience you need to build your brand. The possibilities are endless.


LinkedIn allows its members to “connect” to each other in an online network that may represent real-world professional relationships.

You can use this as a platform to market your brand effectively using your virtual showroom. You can also create various events and ask your followers to participate.

Pin the virtual showroom link in your profile, so any user visiting your profile can access the virtual showroom.


Twitter is another very useful social media platform that you can use to create brand awareness. You can share the links to various activities and events that you host in your virtual showroom.

This can prove to be a very useful strategy to keep your customers interested.

Facebook / Instagram

Facebook and Instagram have time and again proven to be very effective marketing tools. But the users here are agile and primarily look for entertainment.

Virtual showrooms can be effectively used here to provide a fun spin to brand endorsement.

2. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an effective way to reach new potential customers. You can design a newsletter containing links to your virtual showroom and also invite them to activities and events.

If you have a new product to launch, you can include a countdown to remind your customers about the launch with a link to the virtual showroom.

You can also post updates about the product even after the launch and keep a steady momentum.

3. Invite And Press Media

Despite the fact that press media releases are a more conventional method of announcing company news, they are still very effective and professional.

But you will have to focus on making your press release stand out from the crowd, provide details about the exciting features of virtual showroom and explain their benefits to your customers.

If you want your product to get noticed, you should support it with relevant pictures, photos, videos, logos, etc. The 3D model of your product can come in handy and add value to your brand.

4. Print QR Codes on Brochures and Packaging

In packaging, QR codes with virtual showroom ties may be used. Your customers can shop directly from the virtual showroom by scanning the QR code with their smartphones.

This method has been tried and proven to be most effective in getting customers to choose your products.

5. Host Guided Tour for VIP Customers

You can invite your important clients, provide a guided walkthrough of your virtual showroom. During the tour, you can divert their attention to specific products & information that you may want to focus on.

This can effectively provide a boost to your sales & also to your brand image.

6. Eventify Your Showrooms With Promotions and New Product Launches

Virtual showrooms can be further enhanced by organizing various events within the virtual space.

You can run special promotions inside the showroom – ranging from webinars, special offers or even a chance to win a prize by entering a contest!

Such activities can also help you build more energy & buzz around your marketing.

7. Link From Your Corporate Website

Your corporate website can feature a direct link or banner inviting visitors to experience the virtual showroom. Being a unique interface, the visitor will have a great experience exploring the virtual showroom & will spend more time discovering information & learning more about your products & brand.

After all virtual showrooms are always accessible – 365 days a year, seven days a week, and 24 hours a day!

8. Whatsapp and SMS Marketing

WhatsApp marketing is a form of messenger marketing in which a brand is promoted through WhatsApp.

You can send invites to visit the Virtual Showroom through Whatsapp & SMS messages as well. Receivers will simply have to click on the link ion the message to enter the showroom!

9. Set It up at Touchscreens at Trade Show Booths and On-Ground Events

A touch screen with a virtual showroom can be set up during conventional exhibits and on-ground events.

People visiting your event booth can interact with the virtual showroom because traditional exhibition showrooms have limited space and not all products can be displayed.

10. Using Video Teasers That Direct Visitors to Your Virtual Showroom

Teasers are an excellent way to create curiosity.

Video teasers about your new products with links to redirect to your virtual showroom will create anticipation in the minds of your buyers regarding your showroom.


Virtual showrooms can greatly influence your customer’s perception of your brand, giving you an upper hand over your competition.

With business travel rapidly on decline, virtual showrooms can help you innovatively showcase your products.

Worried about all the technicalities or not sure where you can get one for your brand?

Contact us at VirtuLab right away!


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