How To Get A Fabulous Virtual Showroom for Jewelry Store

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has drastically changed from working at the office to working from home, visiting stores to online purchases. It has become a virtual era- a New normal. People do most of the things over the internet or virtually.

However, any pandemic won’t stop people from celebrating festivals to buying Jewelry.

For example, entertainment at the festival grounds has become virtual live sessions on Facebook and Instagram & purchasing Jewelry online is not an exception anymore.

Many shoppers want to visit stores and discover new things. When in a store, walking around viewing the jewelry displayed enables customers to learn about new products in the market.

The experience shoppers get from physical stores cannot be replicated in online jewelry websites.

To close this gap, VirtuLab has developed, unlike anything before, a unique 3D concept showroom that brings physical store experience via the internet through virtual showrooms.

To close this gap, VirtuLab has developed, unlike anything before, a unique 3D concept showroom that brings physical store experience via the internet through virtual showrooms.

Advantages of Virtual Jewelry Showroom

The jewelry stores are one of the most time spent or visited stores.

The jewelry industry is a thriving industry that adapts to all new technologies and provides its customers with an all-new outlook.

This Virtual jewelry showroom allows jewelry store owners to present a real-life showroom experience in the hands of every internet user.

The VirtuLab solutions are browser-based & do not require installation of any apps or additional software.

They are supported on all devices & used on laptops, PCs, tablets & mobile phones.

This makes it extremely visitor-friendly as one can enter the virtual space at their ease of time & location.

They create a fantastic user experience for buyers to access all options displayed on windows, podiums & catalogs – simulating the real world showroom experience.

While Virtual showroom is just the beginning of a new platform, it aims to develop immersive and emotional engagements with buyers and clients.

The order-taking process is highly streamlined to emphasize that exchanges will now occur in a non-physical space.

How Virtual Jewelry Showroom Can Benefit Jewelry Strore

A 3D virtual jewelry showroom’s experience starts with a greeting from a life-like host at the entrance of the virtual showroom.

Upon greeting, customers can explore all options displayed on windows, podiums, catalogs, and different jewelry stores sections.

Every piece of Jewelry is rendered in 360-degree displays and completed by detailed 2D close-ups with product descriptions.

Additionally, Augmented reality is implemented to see how it looks when worn any jewelry. This gives immense pleasure to try out as many as possible before deciding on or buying the Jewelry.

All the Jewelry will be provided with a pop-up, including all the necessary information such as product description, price, etc.

Virtual jewelry showroom also helps answer the customers’ repetitive questions with the ease of touch of a button.

For ease of interaction with the sales team, customers will have an option to add a one-click chat and call option.

They can also connect with the sales team through multiple options like chat, video call, or WhatsApp from inside the virtual showroom.

Need a Virtual Showroom for your jewelry store?

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