Virtual Showroom

6 Ways to use Virtual Showroom in your Marketing!

Virtual Showroom Uses

Wondering how to use a Virtual Showroom in your marketing plan?

The Virtual Showroom is a versatile marketing asset with innovative uses across the digital & physical world.
Here are 6 ways they can add more power to your marketing arsenal:


 1. Add it to your website – A virtual showroom is a great way to increase, retain and convert website traffic. The 3D interface of a virtual showroom is engaging, informative and entertaining- all at once.

2. Replace boring presentations – A virtual showroom makes a great presentation with the exciting engagement opportunity it offers. Screen-share during meetings or present at online exhibitions.

3. Steal the virtual show – Do you attend virtual events but feel constrained by the standard booths? Invite attendees to your exclusive virtual showroom and boost customer engagement.

4.  Use as a 3D catalog – Showcase the complete range of products you offer even at in-person trade shows, events and exhibitions, where it’s logistically impossible for you to carry all your products.

5. Integrate with digital marketing – A virtual showroom can go along with your social media campaigns, email
marketing, search engine strategy, chatbot marketing, PR and everything else.

6. Promote with a QR – Customers can immerse themselves in your brand’s digital experience anytime, anywhere. Publish a QR code on catalogs and ads to take buyers to a specific product or zone.

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