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How can a Virtual Showroom enhance customer experience and increase brand trust?

What is a Virtual Showroom?

A virtual showroom is a 360-degrees immersive experience that offers 3D product displays and rich branded spaces. In essence, a virtual showroom is a digitally simulated version of a physical showroom. It includes product displays, details and other interactive touch points.

The experiential nature of virtual centres makes them popular. Virtual centres drive conversions from customers who prefer the comfort of their space and yet want to explore.

Who is this for?

A virtual showroom can enhance the experience of your customers in potentially any line of business. In B2C, use cases span from apparel to jewellery, accessories, clothing, electronics, home furnishings and automobiles.

While in the B2B sector, a virtual showroom can display engineering products, machinery of any scale, architectural products, software & IT solutions, etc.

Any business that offers products can leverage virtual showrooms as a modernized way of connecting with their buyers.


Immersive experience

A virtual showroom’s experience matches none other. A customer can easily navigate the entire experience and use touchpoints to interact with your reps. Customers can even engage in a negotiation in the moment.

The experience in a virtual showroom simulates and even exceeds that which you can offer in person. A virtual showroom is accessible to the customer through a digital device of any size. That makes it convenient for the potential buyer to browse through your entire product catalog.  Interested buyers can even make purchasing decisions from the comfort of their home.

Navigate the experience at ease

A virtual showroom experience differs from a video experience of your showroom. The customer enjoys navigation control so that they can choose to skip over certain products and look closely at others. 

With this customer-centricity, a virtual showroom becomes an important marketing and sales asset for any organization.

Take a close look

Customers can view products through 360-degree imagery and a life-like experience. But they can also leverage the augmented reality-powered ‘Try-on’ feature to, well, try on products. This is especially lucrative in industries such as jewellery, accessories and clothing.

There is little that can’t be simulated in a virtual showroom experience. Since customers can immerse themselves in the shopping environment and make informed decisions, a virtual showroom increases conversions.

Chat with a rep in real-time

Buyers often need assistance while shopping. And that’s what a virtual showroom simulates with the real-time chat option. Customers can raise questions, negotiate, or interact with your representatives with a single touch.

Real-time chat features are also available in messaging apps such as WhatsApp. That ensures that the customer stays in their comfort, both physically and digitally.

Augment the experience (with a presentation, booklet, pamphlet, PDF)

A virtual showroom experience can be augmented with assets such as a video presentation, booklet or PDF. These assets can explain complex machinery parts or workings of a complex product.

What more your customers might need to see before purchasing? Make that information available in a preferred format, further easing the buying process.

The Possibilities for You

A virtual showroom establishes trust and credibility in your brand through an outstanding experience. At VirtuLab, we create virtual centers keeping your brand front and centre. We ensure that the experience blends into your brand and becomes memorable for buyers.

Not just that, this is a chance for you to stand out in the market and get ahead of the competition. A virtual showroom can prove that yours is a modernized and digitized company- ahead of others.

Marketing takes on a whole new meaning with a virtual showroom. Your customers can get a feel for your brand. They can check out your products and establish a line of communication with you. And, they do it all through an exceptional experience. Also, what usually stands out for our customers is the low-cost setup of a virtual showroom instead of a physical one. 

Finally, a virtual showroom can build brand trust in your prospects when they witness your offers in a standout fashion. You also have the opportunity to create an exceptional buyer journey using analytics from your virtual showroom. Data and analytics from the showroom can also power other marketing channels and strategies, reducing guesswork.

The Positioning of Virtual Showrooms Post-pandemic

When the world is wary of travel and customers still looking for solutions, a virtual showroom can help you bridge the gap. Offer your customers the same (or better) experience with specialized virtual showrooms built uniquely for your brand.

Ensure the safety of your customers by giving them a channel of interaction and purchase like none other. 

What’s more:

A virtual showroom can save time and resources for your customers even when they are willing to visit your physical showroom or centre. With 24/7 access from anywhere, a virtual showroom leaves no gap in making it convenient for your buyer to purchase.

For businesses looking to cut down on costs post-pandemic, a virtual showroom can replace expensive marketing. Moreover, it can lead to a higher marketing ROI, given the engaging experience.

Finally, in an unprecedented time like now, a virtual showroom can sustain for a long time. And you can relax, knowing that there’s a standout way for your customers to reach you.

Invest in a virtual showroom to build brand credibility, trust, visibility and a high-touch experience for your customers to engage with you.

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