Infographic: Physical Showroom vs Virtual Showroom Comparison

Business owners are still skeptical on taking their business online, but its no more an option!

With the soaring new heights of e-commerce seen in 2020. The total market share for online sales will rise to at least 18.1% in 2021. – (Statista)

Having just a basic 2D website will not suffice in the crowded online space.

Virtual Showroom can facilitate businesses to stand out and 


Below are some of the major benefits of the virtual showroom over the physical showroom: 


The above advantages show that a virtual showroom is an innovative way to showcase your business online.

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How Can Virtual Showroom Help in Brand Image

A famous quote by Jonah Sachs explains “Your Brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points”

The online world has various touchpoints between your Brand & your customer. And one such vivid touchpoint can be the creation of Virtual Showroom or Virtual Experience Centre for your Brand.

Before we get into how virtual showrooms can help in brand image, lets understand what is a virtual showroom?

Virtual Showrooms are digitally created 360° environments with a similar look and feel as well as functions of a physical showroom.

In a virtual showroom, visitors can browse through the products which are displayed via 3D replica models, access multimedia information at a single click, and connect live with the sales team.


How Can Virtual Showrooms and Virtual Experience Centres Help in the Brand Image?

The virtual showroom is a powerful 3d manifestation of the Brand. It creates a highly interactive & memorable platform for the Brand to present itself to customers.

Brands who implement latest technology in their business are perceived as forward-thinking brands. Creating Virtual Experiences around the Brand story is one such new and innovative way in the marketing world. 

It amplifies the Brand presence in the online world to a whole new level. The combined use of latest 3d technology & vast internet audience, this solution creates high impact & wide reach at the same time.

Here are some of the unique features of virtual showrooms that have brought in various advantages to businesses and aided in growing their brand image.

Builds Brand Personality

Virtual showroom offers life like in-store experience to its visitors offering better engagement than a normal website.

Virtual showrooms can be incorporated with virtual hosts who can introduce the brand to every visitor and provide them with product information. The virtual host also gives a face to your brand personality which creates a feeling of friendliness & emotional connect with the brand.

Surveys also suggest that virtual showrooms or digital showrooms can provide up to 3X more engagement than ordinary 2D websites.

EPSON Virtual Showroom - Virtual host


The virtual showroom created by VirtuLab for EPSON has a virtual host named EVO, who greets every visitor and explains the floor plan.

Experience EPSON virtual showroom here

3D Product Display Attracts People

Providing a 360° view of the product helps the customers analyze the product better. 3D product models displayed can be rotated, zoomed in and out which enables customers to inspect every part of the product in detail.

The 3D view of the product provides the customers an in-store experience sitting from home, making them want to return to virtual store multiple times and thereby increase brand engagement & recall.

The more a customer interacts with your products, the factor of familiarity with the brand is positively enhanced.



Virtulab created a full high definition, interactive 3D virtual showroom created for “HITEC Outdoors” a first-of-its-kind experience for the customers in the field of boats and marine electronics.

HITEC Outdoors one of the key players in the marine business and has recently ventured out a full-service marine dealership offering with some of the top brands including Harris, Crestliner, Caymas, Avid, Mercury, and Yamaha.

Explore HITEC virtual showroom here

Fast Customer Care Service


Customer satisfaction plays a critical role in how a brand image is perceived, and also extremely necessary for a brand to flourish.

Business owners need to make sure that the customers are happy with the services and do not have to wait for their queries to be solved.

In virtual showroom the customers could easily reach the support team by clicking on the chat option present and get answers to all the queries.

Enhance Your Brands Reach

What better than having a showroom which can be accessed by any internet-enabled device and from any part of the world?

The virtual showrooms can be accessed by any customer just by clicking on the link.

Easy to share, access and interact – a Virtual Showroom or Experience Centre helps the Brand reach a large audience and create a WOW factor among its customers.


The above video showcases a jewelry virtual showroom, the visitor is greeted by a virtual host and can see all the 3D products displayed on their internet-enabled devices, interact with the 3D products displayed, access all the details of the product.

The virtual jewellery showroom is available 24/7 and the visitors could have a unique online shopping experience.


The implementation of a virtual showroom can help your business gain ground in the customers mind-share.

The innovative idea of presenting the products in their exact form online has greatly influenced the sales of many brands and also impacted their brand image.

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Why 3D Virtual Showrooms are 3x More Engaging Than 2D Websites?

With every new unique idea, the level of marketing elevates one step higher, bringing more audience to your Brand and increasing visibility and sales.

Are you trying to bring something unique to your business that will separate you from the competitors?
If Yes, then read on – Virtual Showroom is for you!

The introduction of the virtual showroom has opened new possibilities in the marketing world and the way people can interact with Brands online!

Surveys also suggest that virtual showrooms or digital showrooms can provide upto 3X more engagement than ordinary 2D websites.

There are various reasons how a virtual showroom creates an edge over 2D websites
Let us discuss some major advantages:

Stunning 3D Environment

The 3D environment has a better impact and increases engagement. Ultra-real CGI & renderings can create unforgettable environments for users and offer an immersive experience while purchasing products.

The 2d website are not equipped to provide such 360° or life like experiences while the 3D virtual showrooms are highly immersive, emotive, and experiential.

Click here to explore examples of stunning 3D virtual showroom


3D Product Replicas

The interactive environment displays the 3D replica of the product, providing better detail of the product.
Users can check out the products by zooming in and out and rotating them.

Having a better look and analysis of the product provides more credibility to your product and brand and creates a buying preference, which eventually leads to sales.

3D Product Replicas can also be enable with Augmented Reality options, so that the user can simulate the product in their own environment & get more engaged with the buying experience.

Virtual Presenters

Virtual presenters help customers by guiding them through all the various aspects of the showroom and are a major attraction to all the visitors.

Presenters can be used to welcome the customers and also to guide them about important instructions and explain features of the products so the visitor can understand the products better.

These Virtual presenters can be videos of real people from the Brand team or 3d animation based avatars.

EPSON Virtual Showroom - Virtual host

Walk Around Navigation

Even if the websites showcase several products, users are still restricted to 2D.

However, a Virtual showroom offers a real-life experience, users can navigate between different floors, check out 3D displays of products and enjoy the ideal in-store experience.

This walk around navigation is exclusive to virtual showrooms & creates a very intuitive & empowering experience to the visitors

Walk around navigation - Virtual Showroom

100% Customizable

Our Virtual Showrooms are fully customisable, down to the pixel! This means that it can embody your Brand characteristics & storyline in great detail.

With unlimited design possibilities, Virtual Showrooms can be a visual treat for your customers. You can bring your Brand alive in 3D in really imaginative ways!

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To be competitive enough in the market business owners need to have the best innovative and trending ideas.
Switching to a 3D virtual showroom is the perfect method to elevate the brand’s marketing strategy.

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