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EPSON Virtual Showroom

EPSON Virtual Showroom - Virtual host

For EPSON, we created a high definition, interactive 3D virtual showroom to offer an immersive experience to EPSON customers. 

EPSON being a customer-first company implemented Virtual Showroom to provide its customers an experience of the traditional showroom at their fingertips.

Creating a new dimension to showcase all EPSON products

Epson Company has a long tradition of introducing efficient, precise products with the continued development of some of the most advanced micro mechatronics capabilities for ultra-fine, high-precision processing.

With multiple showrooms hosting thousands of products EPSON is addressing the needs of homes, businesses, and commercial enterprises as also those of consumers with specialized needs in India. 

Until now customers had to visit traditional showrooms to view and experience the latest products, This has been revolutionized by VirtuLab by developing an EPSONxplore – Virtual showroom providing a new way to access all of EPSON products!

The center of attraction!

“EVO” – The virtual host!

When a customer starts his Virtual showroom journey with Epson he is greeted by Evo who welcomes and guides the visitors about the showroom. 

EVO is also available to help customers by explaining all the products in detail

ASK EVO button present on the bottom right of the screen helps in navigating to various floors and explore the different products on display. 

EPSON virtual host EVO

Easy Access On any internet device

The EPSON virtual showroom can be accessed on any internet-enabled device.

The easy access makes the user onboarding a breeze.

The 3D display makes it easy to analyze products, informing the customers about all the products on display.

360º view of the interior and products

With the most effective 3D rendering, the virtual showroom provides a 360° immersive interior that brings a brilliant product stage providing a real-life experience to the customers. 

You can scroll around and visit various parts of the showroom as in a real showroom!

The 3D product display helps you examine the displayed products easily with simple buttons. 

Mellifluous user experience

The most soothing user experience comes to you in the form of a virtual showroom. 

Simple interaction and clever focus mechanism allow the users to navigate flawlessly. 

EPSON Virtual showroom navigation

One can move around the entire store by clicking on the white rings near each product and explore various products in detail.

EPSON Virtual printers display

Each of the product displayed has two clickable options

One with the “E” sign: Displays the key features of the product. It also includes some other options like 

  • EVO overview
  • Product image
  • 3 top reasons
  • View brochures
  • Buy here
  • Request a callback
  • Explore the range and many more. 

While the other video icon displays the video of the product, helping users get a realistic feel and understand the practical application of the products.

Epson ProCinema showcasing the power of Epson Projectors.

EPSON Virtual Pro cinema display

With the live demo in EPSON Procinema hall, one can enjoy the high definition cinema quality of Epson pro cinema Projectors. 

If all these features have made you curious and wanting to visit EPSON virtual showroom?

Here is the link → 

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