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Have you ever introduced any new products & updates on your showroom or had planned to display them at showroom & exhibitions?

The pandemic has changed the way how people interact with businesses!

Now the tables have changed, customers are looking to evaluate options & make buying decisions through a virtual medium.

So, what’s the solution?

We, at VirtuLab , decided to solve this problem in the market and bridge the gap between the businesses and the customers effectively, hence we have come up with a solution of “Virtual Exhibition booth”

“Virtual Exhibitions are a 360° virtual stand where exhibitors can display their products with complete details and host virtual trade shows”

Promote your event to potential customers across the world and amplify your reach with “Virtual Exhibition booth”

 The global augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) market is forecast to reach 72.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2024. This would be an increase of 54 percent five-year CAGR over spending – Statista

3 Smart Ways of Using Virtual Exhibition Booth for Business

The virtual exhibition can be used in 3 ways, depending on the requirements 

1. Virtual Exhibition – Divert visitors from a basic platform-centric virtual booth to your personalized private virtual booth

2. Digitally Twin – Invite customers  to virtual exhibition booth.

3. Individual event – Use it as an online standalone exhibition booth

Benefits of virtual exhibition booth for businesses

The goal of a virtual booth is to attract more audience and provide an immersive experience. 

Unlike the virtual expo’s where you generally have the feeling of being stuck with the basic features, the virtual booth is 100% customizable.

With the 360° virtual stand you can display interactive 3D web content of your product line to your visitors and provide them with all the product details. 

The virtual exhibition provides you space where exhibitors could meet and greet attendees, the virtual host can explain features of your products and aid in the sales process.

This makes it an interesting way of showcasing your brand along with the products. 

Check this blog to learn how to get a better response from virtual exhibition.

How to set up a virtual exhibition booth

To set up a virtual exhibition booth you simply need to decide your booth strategy and the type of design you need.

You need a good exhibition designer like Virtulab that can help you combine the power of immersive 3D Design and internet technology. 

At VirtuLab, you get various benefits including a 100% customization option.

VirtuLab also offers the clients Annual Maintenance services where we take care of all the updates and changes at the booth. 

How do Virtual Exhibition Booth Differ From A Website?

Virtual exhibition booth


The Virtual exhibition stand is a 3D 360° Environment that allows the visitors to interact with your products, team members in the form of video, graphics, and chatbox.

Websites are 2D Platforms that help you statically display your products. 

The virtual exhibition stand looks exactly like a real-life exhibition. You can see brand displays, open space areas, virtual host,s and a lot more at any exhibition stand. 

Websites provide you with options for displaying products but it’s limited to2D the environment 

You can add virtual hosts to your virtual exhibition, which may be a video recording of you or your employee.

Websites do not permit such augmented features, all you can do is add 2D videos to your sites

You can twin your physical showroom as your virtual exhibition booth and provide virtual trade shows

You can only create a 2D page which is limited be options

The virtual exhibition offers an immersive way of displaying your product. 

On websites, there is no option for an immersive experience. 


If you are looking forward to pivoting your business to another level, then a virtual exhibition could be one of the keys.

You can contact us for 100% customizable services that help you create a virtual exhibition stand of your choice.

We also provide you with maintenance services to your exhibition that will help you carry your exhibition for a longer duration.

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