Unique Features of Virtual Showroom – #4 Will Amaze You!

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A virtual showroom is an immersive and unique idea for presenting your products to the visitors.

Along with this, there are a lot of things that a virtual showroom has to offer you.

Thanks to the unlimited virtual environment, business owners can expand the showroom both in space as well as the number of products.

Lets see in detail what other features virtual showroom has to offer

1. Multimedia content

With virtual showrooms, you can provide details of the product with the help of multimedia contents like PDF, images, catalogs, and videos that help in describing the product to the visitor. 

2. 3D replicas

The virtual showroom displays 3D replicas of your product in a 360-degree view. This provides a physical showroom experience to your visitors. Customers can also zoom in and out to get a feel of the product features in detail. 

3. Virtual presenter

The visitors of the virtual showroom can be greeted using a virtual presenter, the video can be prerecorded and customized according to needs. Virtual presenters can also be used to provide explanations for products. This makes the showroom more interactive.

4. Visitors analytics

Google Analytics will track the customer’s behavioral and demographic data. This will help businesses gain insights on the most viewed product, time spent on each product, understand the driving traffic to the website, and much more. With all these insights you can easily take actionable decisions that are bound to make a difference in the bottom line of your business.

5. Embed on websites

The virtual showroom can embed on websites, which makes it simple and cost-effective to use. No need for any application installation, all your customer needs is a device with internet access.

6. Wishlist

Unlike offline showrooms, a virtual showroom provides an option to wishlist products that your customer wish to purchase later. This feature helps customer visit virtual showroom at a later point and buy the shortlisted products.

7. 100% customizable

 You can customize your virtual showroom as per your wish. We can deliver your customized virtual showroom in 6-8 weeks