Application of Virtual Showroom in Various Industries [Examples Included]

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Any industry that adopts the concept of Virtual showroom can be a game-changer for their business.  

Virtual 3D Showrooms empowers customers to make quicker choices without having to go to a physical showroom.

If you wish to provide superior digital experiences for your customers and be seen as a forward-thinking brand, and want your product to be full-fledged and interactive on the web, then virtual showroom is the best option for you. 

Here are different industries which can benefit from virtual showroom


Engineering products need to be purchased with an all-round survey of the parts and products, hence people often find it unsafe to purchase online.

However with the virtual showroom you can give your customers Virtual online tours, where they can not only explore but also get to see the products and examine the products as they want. 

Virtual showrooms offer a 3D Immersive experience that helps you showcase the products along with their features and details.

VirtuLab allows you to customize your details as per choice, you can use this customization option to make your showroom further attractive and convey the perfect details of your products on display.

You can add features like live chat, appointment scheduler, and emails to your displayed products that encourage the buyers to interact with your sales team and clear out any doubt.


Textile and Garments

Design sensitive industries like textile and garments companies can benefit immensely from the virtual showroom. The showrooms are the perfect platform to display the collection interestingly and attractively.

You can also provide technical information, mood boards, color variant, along with your products to improve the buyer’s engagement and also the preference for your product. Other features like wishlist and add to inquiry bag attracts more buyers towards the products.

Virtulab helps you incorporate your customize video to your showroom in which you can add a video recorded by one of your sales teammates or even by you. This will help in greeting visitors to your shop and give them more real-life experiences.


Jewelry, Handicrafts, and Home Decor

Industries that are evaluated on the “visual appeal” needs to have an attractive virtual showroom that perfectly expresses the beauty of the product.

The jewellery industry is a fast-growing industry which is adapting to all new technologies and providing their customers with an all-new outlook.

The virtual jewellery showroom will provide a real-life showroom experience to all the potential customers. Once the customers are in the showroom, they will be greeted by a virtual host with a pre-recorded and customized welcome message.

In the world of technology with Virtual Showroom, anyone who has a smartphone is your potential client. Also, it doesn’t matter which language your client speaks as the majority of information in the virtual showroom is a visual representation.  

The Virtulab allows you to customize the setting and augments the beauty of your products, this helps you attract more audience to your showroom.

It helps you present your products in a more appealing manner that attracts more visitors to your showroom. The Inbuilt features to “shortlist” or “add to inquiry bag” also replicates the order book function.



Consumer Goods

Consumer goods include products of beauty, sports, and range up to electronics. The virtual showroom is a unique concept that will elevate your e-commerce to a better level.

If we talk about brand promotion, it will help you in promoting your brand in a better and easier way, it is attractive to the online buyers as it provides a real-life experience to them.

It also helps brands get lot of social media attention, which will help in increased brand awarness,

You can easily share the link to your showroom and invite your visitors.



ICT and IOT services

The IoT services and products need a highly enhanced environment to display in any showrooms. Virtual showrooms are the perfect platform to provide explanations to all the concepts easily using videos, ppts, and live chat features. 

In case of confusion, your visitors can easily initiate a conversation using features like live chat, emails, appointment scheduler, and call back. 



A virtual showroom is a unique way to display your product and attract visitors. Industries can benefit from using it them as it  provides a pivot to the next level for the brands.  

The features  like 3D product models, Visitor analytics,  live chat, PowerPoint presentation, wishlist, and more allows an easy shopping for all the visitors. 


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