12 Unique Benefits of Virtual Exhibition Booth | Take Your Trade Shows Online

The rise of the virtual exhibition booth is most recent and has brought in an exciting trend in the exhibition and business. Being in digital form they incorporate a large number of benefits to business owners. 

Starting from increased time spent on the website, brand recall, and generation of leads there are various other benefits any business owners could gain from the virtual exhibition

Lets us look into the major benefits of Virtual Exhibition Booth

1. Immersive 3D Display of Products

The Virtual exhibition booth facilitates you to present a 3D model of your product. 

Visitors can zoom in and see all the products carefully, this facilitates visitors to get an in-depth analysis of the displayed product. 


2. Easy Navigation 

The virtual exhibition brings the advantage of easy navigation, visitors could easily navigate in your showrooms just like the physical showrooms and check out different counters and products present in your booth. 

3. Connect worldwide: 

Creating a virtual exhibition booth helps you connect people from all over the world and allow you to engage with potential customers anywhere and anytime. 

All you have to do is share the link to your website and your potential customers can visit your virtual exhibition booth

4. Long term availability

With VirtuLab you can extend your Virtual Exhibition booth as long as you want after the initial built and deployment. 

VirtuLab also offers annual maintenance services to take care of any updates and changes in your Virtual Trade show. 

5. One time investment

Since Virtual exhibition Booths could last as long as you choose, It becomes a one-time investment where you just need to spend on the establishment of the booth while the rest is maintained by the team at VirtuLab.

6. Better impact

Having your own 360¬į virtual stand can help you divert your visitors from traditional virtual expos to your personalized virtual exhibition booth.

‚ÄúDisplay your product details in an immersive and engaging manner‚ÄĚ

You can provide virtual hosts to your booth to greet your visitors while entering the virtual booth and also the virtual hosts can also be used to explain products in detail.

Provision for the lobby area with a chat option further makes your visitors comfortable with the experience.

7. Facilitate real-time conversation using webinars and live chat

Visitors can use customer service chatbot to solve their queries on the spot, at your Virtual booth.

You can also provide other facilities like calls, emails, and appointment scheduler that can help your visitors connect with you.

These options provide a great opportunity for businesses to capture leads and move potential customers closer to buying your products.

8. Deliver a wealth of Analytics

Virtual Exhibition booth provides you with the analytics of your visitors, therein and out timing, demographics, age range, location, and also the total amount of time they spend on each product.

These insights help you make informed decisions and optimize accordingly.

9. Easy to promote

You can easily promote your showroom over emails, text, and numbers simply by sharing the link to your showroom.

Yes, It’s that simple!

10. Easy access on all platforms

Your Virtual Exhibition Booth stand can be accessed on any internet-accessible device, which makes it easy for everyone to visit your showroom.

11. Streamline your sales and help visitor save products on the wish list

Virtual Exhibition booth allows your visitors to save their choices in the wishlist and purchase them later.

Series of emails related to wishlist products can be sent to educate potential buyers.

12. Easy Customisation of the booth

Design and deploy the booth as per your wish, VirtuLab
provides you 100% customization option for your Virtual trade show booth so that you can design your showroom as per your wish.

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