Team Virtulab proudly presents a fully high definition, interactive 3D virtual showroom created for “HITEC Outdoors” a first of its kind experience for the customers in the field of boating and marine electronics.

HITEC Outdoors one of the key players in marine electronics business has newly ventured out, a full service marine dealership offering with some of the top brands including Harris, Crestliner, Caymas, Avid, Mercury, and Yamaha.

Creating a new dimension to showcase all brands under one roof

With 4 main brands and 3 service offerings it was very crucial to showcase in way that all categories get equal importance and at the same time to have an easy flow in the virtual space for the visitor to see and experience.

Also considering the product line and the niche segment of the customers, the design language had to be very contemporary, realistic and easily approachable for visitors to see all the offerings.

The center of attraction!

To create the first impact the showroom has been grandly created in the middle of a huge lake where the customer makes his way through a jetty with model boats placed on either sides just like in a real life scenario. Soothing background sound of waves makes it more than real experience for the visitors.

 Once approached the showroom the visitor is greeted by a virtual host talking about what to experience inside.


As the selection of materials was very crucial a well-balanced use of wooden texture with steel has been done which are very common elements in boats and marine accessories.

Once the visitor is inside they are further guided by a virtual receptionist who guides them about the various brands and their positions in the showroom which helps them to choose and see as per their preferences.


360º view of the interior

With the most effective 3D rendering, the virtual showroom provides a 360° immersive interior that brings a brilliant real-life experience to the visitors. 

Keeping in the mind the product line the interiors are made semi closed with sections  giving view of the outer water body just like one experiences sitting inside a boat.

Boatline shapes created for each section with use of huge lifestyle images with playing screens of various product videos makes it a dynamic environment for the visitors.


Smooth user experience with Information sharing

The most soothing user experience comes through easy accessibility and simple information sharing which is achieved in the form of a virtual showroom.

  • Product Videos
  • Downloadable Product Brochures
  • Photo gallery

Also customer engagement which is a very crucial part of any business, has been taken care by features like –

  • Check Our Inventory
  • Get Financed
  • Click to Mail

Such features & unique 3D interface can go a long way in creating a favourable brand impression & customer engagement!

If all these features have made you curious and wanting to visit HITEC Outdoor virtual showroom?