Interactive 3D content for web – 360° Product Replicas

If you are looking to WOW your website visitors and increase conversion, then there is no better option than to include 3D models on your website.

Not many brands use 3D models to showcase their products, Implementing it on your website will showcase your brand as forward-thinking and technologically advance.

Immersive shopping based on 3D technologies is built on various ways of adapting information through vision and touch.

With 3D models, customers can experience products not only through 2D images but experience them in real-time.

This approach creates a unique customer experience and results in more conversion and a good return on investment.

Impact of 3D Content on Online stores

With 3D imaging product sales of companies have seen a rise of about 10-15% in and around a year.

3D Rendering Market size exceeded 146.02₹ (USD 2) billion in 2019 and is estimated to grow at over 20% CAGR between 2020 and 2026. – Source GMinsights

It has been seen that customers usually prioritize the 3D content over traditional 2D images.

By displaying products in 3D, customers find it easy to check the products in detail, zoom in and out, rotate 360 degrees, and experience the product in much detail.


Benefits of 3D Product Replicas

1. Drop the old school methods and Simulate Reality 

With the 3D products, you can simulate Reality with your products, giving real-life experience to your customers. 

2. Easily Embed On Website

The 3D Web solution offered by VirtuLab is browser-oriented & WebGL is used which is standard across most modern browsers.

Hence no need to install large applications to start with virtual showrooms.

The showrooms are completely web-based. Hence you just need to embed a small piece of code and your 3D product is ready for your customers to interact.

3. Work across Devices

The 3D web content can be accessed across different internet-enabled devices. Allowing users on both mobile and desktop to interact with the 360 web models.

4. Elevate experience in Ecommerce

The commerce elevates with the use of 3D and Ar experience in your showroom to display products. 

It increases customer engagement for a longer period and also increases the conversion rate. 

5. A new face to your web page

3D interactive models are the perfect replacement for your static images on websites. 

Visitors can easily view the products from all angles.

6. Create a 3D private demo 

3D models can be protected through passwords to ensure only verified users could use them and have access. 

7. Easy to analyze product

3D products displayed can be analyzed accurately and this gives the customers higher confidence in the functionality and quality of the product. 

Better confidence leads to higher conversion rates. 

8. Reduce bounce rate 

The websites with 3D models have higher time spent leading to a reduced bounce rate.

3D advertising brings more ROI for your digital campaigns. 

9. Get Social Media Love

Vistors after experiencing the WOW factor of 3D product models are more likely to share it on social media.

This boosts brand recognition and drives new visitors to your website.

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